What Thetta DAO Framework is

Thetta DAO Framework features these subsystems

  1. Permission manager/Roles;

  2. Token manager;

  3. Governance subsystem (proposals, votings, etc);

  4. Reputation subsystem;

  5. Dispute Resolution subsystem;

  6. Moneyflow subsystem;

  7. ICO subsystem.

But what about the Runtime support?

Runtime support:

  1. Factories;

  2. Contract upgradeability;

  3. Contract registry;

  4. Library support: code <-> storage.

Thetta is NOT A "smart contracts operating system (OS)". We do not want to end up building a "Windows" with Registry, DLL/EXE loader, Cache and Network layer. Instead, Thetta is a small and easy-to-use tool for developers.