3 - Actions + permission

Last updated 29 days ago

There are many built-in actions provided by Thetta core:

  1. addNewProposal

  2. manageGroups

  3. issueTokens

  4. burnTokens

  5. upgradeDaoContract

  6. addNewTask

  7. startTask

  8. startBounty

  9. ...

For example, DaoBase has issueTokens action that is defined like this:

// this is the main Thetta DAO Framework contract
// defined in "thetta/core/contracts/DaoBase.sol" file
contract DaoBase {
// bytes32 public constant ISSUE_TOKENS = keccak256("issueTokens");
bytes32 public constant ISSUE_TOKENS = 0xe003bf3bc29ae37598e0a6b52d6c5d94b0a53e4e52ae40c01a29cdd0e7816b71;
function issueTokens(address _tokenAddress, address _to, uint _amount)
public isCanDo(ISSUE_TOKENS)

In this case we call issueTokens an action, and ISSUE_TOKENS a permission.

Setting permissions

Thetta Permissions work like AccessControlLists in your OperatingSystems.

In order to be able to call issueTokens action, one needs ISSUE_TOKENS permission to be granted to his account. There are different options how you can set the permissions:

import "@thetta/core/contracts/DaoClient.sol";
import "@thetta/core/contracts/DaoBase.sol";
contract YourOrganization is DaoClient {
function setPermissions(DaoBase _dao, address _boss, address _superAdmin) public {
// Add some address (user or contract) to Employee group
_dao.addGroupMember("Managers", _boss);
// This will allow any address that is a member of "Managers" group
// to execute "issueTokens" method:
_dao.allowActionByAnyMemberOfGroup(_dao.ISSUE_TOKENS(), ”Managers”);
// To allow specific address to execute action without any voting:
_dao.addActionByAddress(_dao.ISSUE_TOKENS(), _superAdmin);