3 - Actions + permission

There are many built-in actions provided by Thetta core:

  1. addNewProposal

  2. manageGroups

  3. issueTokens

  4. burnTokens

  5. upgradeDaoContract

  6. addNewTask

  7. startTask

  8. startBounty

  9. ...

For example, the DaoBase smart contract has issueTokens action that is defined like this:

// this is the main Thetta DAO Framework contract
// defined in "thetta/core/contracts/DaoBase.sol" file
contract DaoBase {
// bytes32 public constant ISSUE_TOKENS = keccak256("issueTokens");
bytes32 public constant ISSUE_TOKENS = 0xe003bf3bc29ae37598e0a6b52d6c5d94b0a53e4e52ae40c01a29cdd0e7816b71;
function issueTokens(address _tokenAddress, address _to, uint _amount)
public isCanDo(ISSUE_TOKENS)

In this case issueTokens is called an action, and ISSUE_TOKENS - a permission.

Setting permissions

Thetta permissions work like Access Control List (ACL) in your operating system.

To be able to call buySomeCakes action, one needs BUY_SOME_CAKE permission to be granted to their account. There are different options how one can set permissions:

function setPermissions(address _friend1, address _friend2, address _friend3) public {
// Add some address (user or contract) to Friends group
daoBase.addGroupMember("Friends", _friend1);
daoBase.addGroupMember("Friends", _friend2);
// This will allow any address that is a member of "Friends" group
// to execute "buySomeCake" method:
daoBase.allowActionByAnyMemberOfGroup(cakeOrderingOrganizaion.BUY_SOME_CAKE(), "Friends");
// To allow specific address to execute action without any voting:
daoBase.allowActionByAddress(cakeOrderingOrganizaion.BUY_SOME_CAKE(), _friend3);